Cat-sitting service 

for Whitefield, Prestwich

and many surrounding areas

Just Cat Sitting

Your cats, in their home, cared for your way

My beautiful boy, Benjamin and gorgeous girl, Scarlet,

always in my heart

Welcome to

Just Cat Sitting

The premier home cat-sitting service


that is the cat-friendly, stress-free

alternative to a cattery

for you and your cats!

My fur-babies, Ruby, Rufus,

Posey, Jasper,

Pixel and Dexter

Why Choose Just Cat Sitting?

Cats struggle to handle change, they are territorial creatures who are comforted by familiar sights and smells.

While a cattery can provide a secure place for them to stay while you are away, cats can become upset and ill if taken away from their own environment. I am sure you would agree that our precious felines are much happier if they are allowed to remain in their own home. By choosing Just Cat Sitting while you are away you can be assured of a personal, unique and loving way for your cats to be cared for.